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Balloon FAQs

Q-How far in advance do I need to order?

A- The Balloon shortage is REAL so the sooner the better! If you’re looking for a specific theme, ordering 3-4 weeks ahead gives me a chance to research, plan, and create your item.  I do have dozens of common themed balloons already in stock so if your event is coming up fast, we can likely work with you on shorter notice.  Please contact us directly if you need something within 72 hours. 


Q-When is payment due? Can I pay you at delivery/pickup?

A-Unfortunately, a few people have cancelled last minute disrupting our schedule and wasting our resources we could’ve used making other customer’s smile.  If paying with credit card through the website, it is due upon order.  If you prefer Venmo or Paypal the balloons for your product will be set aside and saved for you at the time of payment but required 1 week before due date.  


Q-How long will they last?

A-Outdoor balloons will last a couple of days.  The summer weather will dull their shine a bit but they still look great to us.  Indoor balloons can last several days to weeks.  The foil balloons tend to last the longest.  We have some in our creation station from months ago!


Q-How do I know what to purchase?

A-Balloons have so many options! Where to start?! We suggest perusing our picture slideshows on our site.  When you see something you like, click on the picture and it will take you directly to the link to order that product.  

Q-I don’t see the theme I want on your site.  Does that mean it’s not available?

A-Nope! We have hundreds of balloons and we simply can’t keep up with putting all of the pictures on the site.  You can choose the theme you want when customizing your product during checkout.  If for some reason we can’t get it in time, we will contact you for other options.  Thankfully, this is pretty uncommon!

Q-What’s the difference between standard balloon yard sculpture and deluxe?

A-First off, they’re both fantastic…but the deluxe is a little larger and has more “extra” pieces.  These could be bubbles, hearts, flowers, spirals, circles or stars.  Each one is made a little differently and depends on the artist’s whimsy!  

Q-Are the yard balloons rentals or do we get to keep them?

A-We wouldn’t dream of taking your fun away!  Once we hand over your product, it’s completely yours to keep for as long as you’d like.  

Q-Do you teach classes for balloon twisting?

A-Not at this time.  We do have monthly subscription boxes called Adorable Air At Home.  You can follow along with our tutorials and learn to become better creators!  Find more info here. 

Q-What if I need to cancel?

A-Well that would really burst our bubble but even balloons are unpredictable sometimes so we get it.  We can usually accept cancellations with refunds up to 48 hours prior to your due date.  If we have purchased anything specific to your order, we cannot guarantee a 100% refund.

Q-Can you create something specific to my needs/event that isn’t on the site?

A-Absolutely! Collaborating is our forte.  Balloons are meant to be special and fun so if you have a fancy idea you’ve found on Pinterest, send it our way! We’d love to see your ideas and work together.  Contact us here.

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