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Adorable Air At Home FAQ

Q: Is shipping included?

A: Yes! What an affordable fee, right?

Q: Do I have to choose my creation every month?

A: If you have a membership plan you have the option to choose your creation each month.  This is not necessary.  If you forget to choose, don't worry, we will choose a new option for you.  Your options do not need to correspond with the Frills or Thrills theme, that simply helps us if we choose for you.  

Q: How many options can we choose from?

A: Each month we will add 2-3 options and the list will continue to grow!

Q: When will my box arrive?

A: Your box should arrive by the 3rd of every month.  If you have not received your box by the 3rd, please contact us and we will track it down.

Q: What if I order late in the month? Can I get a video extension?

A: If you place your order before the 10th of the month, you will receive the current month's box.  Orders received after the 10th will go out the following month to be sure you have plenty of time to access the video.

Q: What age group is this appropriate for?

A: Each child is different, of course! We have noticed this to be most advantageous for 5+ years. 

Q: What if I have multiple kids in the house? Can I get a discount?

A: Yes! Simply order the main membership plan as well as an add-on plan for each additional creation you'd like.  Add-ons will be shipped in the same package as the main membership.  

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: Currently we are only shipping to Kentucky and Indiana but plan to expand soon! 

Q: Do I really need the pump?

A: We HIGHLY recommend including the pump in the one-time purchase options.  It will be included in the first month of the membership plans.  Without the pump, blowing up the balloons will be extremely difficult.  

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: We really hope you don't want to do this! If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact us and we will complete the cancellation in a fast, hassle-free process.  

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